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3D Body Scanning


New - 3D Full Body Scanning & Analysis Coming Soon!

Precisely monitor your measurements, body shape, body composition & more! Track your progress and monitor changes in body shape & dimensions, as well as muscle gain and body fat loss.

How it works:

Scanning is simple, quick, non-invasive and safe. Simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 35 seconds while the platform rotates. A harmless, high resolution infrared sensor will scan your body, taking 33 measurements within 2mm accuracy from separate points around the body. These measurements will then give us an on-screen 3D image of your body shape with all your stats which we can talk through. As well as taking your weight and measurements, it will calculate your muscle mass, body fat percentage and track your body shape for later comparisons.

Accurately monitor the changes to your body as it responds to your training and nutritional habits!

With your scan done, we will go through and explain all the stats and figures and the implications of each. We can discuss any problem areas, body fat, postural, muscular or others that may be exposed and talk about changes you can make to address them. We will also take the opportunity to record blood pressure and heart rate for a more complete view of your overall physical health.

Full body before and after 3D images can be shown side by side for progress comparisons, which can rotate and pan for a full analysis, or assess from an overhead view with results from before and after scans laid over one another, so you get a full visual image of your waist slimming down, or your chest growing bigger with all of your changes visibly shown.

You do not need to be an existing client for this service, anybody wanting to accurately monitor their progress can come and get a 3D full body scan with complete stats. We will sit down to discuss your results in detail, and can give you advice on what you can do to make whatever improvements you want to see happen with your body & physical health.

3D Full Body Scan:

  • Most Accurate Measurements <1% error

  • Full Body 3D Model

  • Body Shape Analysis

  • Fat & Postural Analysis

  • Monitor Muscle Gain

  • Identify Imbalances & problem areas

  • Health Risk Assessment

  • Help set Future Goals

  • Reliable Progress Tracking

  • Visual Before/After Comparisons

  • All results sent to the Client

3D Full Body Scanning Consultations

  • Coming Soon

More details to come early 2020