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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? - Personal Training / Semi-Private Training

Your first move is deciding to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation. If you wish, you can contact me through our contact page to set one up, there is no requirement to make any purchase at this point & you can decide what you would like to do after your consultation. If you buy a training package directly from the website, I will follow up to arrange a consultation appointment before you begin your training plan. There is absolutely no obligation to make a purchase before, during or even after a consultation if you don't want to, any decision to take action is yours, so you've nothing to lose by setting one up.

How do I get started? - Online Training

Choose your Online Training Program form from the training options and make a payment though the website. I will be in contact with you shortly afterwards (within 24hours) with some follow up questions so that I can put your personalised plan together. We will then be in contact weekly for the duration of your package term.

What can I expect from my free consultation?

Your consultation will give you the opportunity to come and see the facility, meet with your trainer, talk through your goals and any concerns. We’ll discuss how we can address each of them and have any of your questions answered. You’ll then be required to fill in a screening and waiver form before we carry out a short, non-invasive, non-strenuous movement screening procedure to assess your current physical state, including range, mobility and flexibility of your joints, your balance, muscle symmetry and ensure there are no underlying issues and that you are safe to train. We’ll talk about your daily habits including current lifestyle and nutrition to see what immediate changes you can begin to make to help you get started. We can discuss what kind of training schedule would suit you, your own schedule and your goals. Anything further is optional and totally up to you. If you decide you want to get started, we can record your starting body stats and do any relevant testing and/or pictures for comparisons later on - we do not have to do body measurements or pictures if you are not comfortable and choose not to. Any pictures taken will be on your own phone and I will never ask to share them. Body stats (weight/girth measurements etc) are a great way to closely monitor progress, but again this is totally optional. I work strictly confidentially with all of my clients and will not share any information.

Where are you located?

You can find us on Google Maps - search ‘Personal Training’ in Walkinstown.

Access to the studio is beside the pedestrian crossing on St.Peters Road, at the Walkinstown Roundabout, Dublin12. (opposite the Cherry Tree, behind the opticians)

When are you open?

The studio is open for appointments Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 7am-1pm & 5pm-9pm (last appointment 8pm). Wednesday evening appointments only, 5pm-9pm. Saturday appointments are 8am-12noon (last appointment 11am). Training by appointment only. You can see our full appointment schedule on our ‘appointments’ page.

Who can come and train with PKV Personal Training?

Anyone can, so long as you complete and clear the screening form and are over 18 years of age.

How long is a personal training session?

All Private Personal Training & Semi-Private Training options are for 45 minute sessions. You have an additional 5 minutes each side of your appointment time to get changed or update body stats where necessary. 

(More on training options below)

Am I too old to start training?

Absolutely not! As we age our bones weaken and muscles break down. Keeping active, especially with some resistance training keeps bone density strong and keeps muscles working effectively which allows for a better quality of life as we age.

Do I need to be really fit to start training?

No you don't need to be fit to start, Personal Training is designed to challenge individuals in a way that suits that persons level of fitness, abilities and objectives. No matter what your current level is, it's a starting point we can work from!

What should I wear & bring with me for my training session?

Be sure to wear something comfortable that you can easily move in. Good runners, tshirt, shorts, leggings or tracksuit legs. Bring a hand/sweat towel & bottled water with you too!

How often should I train?

A beginner should train at least 2 to 3 times a week to see progress being made. If you already make good use of a gym membership or are actively taking part in another sport, you might opt to train here 1 to 2 times a week. For those with training experience and looking to make serious headway, you should be training at least 3 & up to 5 days a week.

Are there toilet & changing facilities in the gym?

Yes, there is a toilet and private changing room in the training studio. There is also a fridge stocked with filtered water to top up from should you need it.

Is there car parking available?

Yes, there are plenty of free parking spaces

What bus routes pass PKV Personal Training on the Walkinstown Roundabout?

Bus routes include the 9, 27, 56a, 77a

What are your payment options?

Accepted forms of payment; 

  • Gym Payments:

  • All major credit cards including Visa, Visa debit & MasterCard

  • Apple & Android Pay

  • Cash

  • Online Payments:

  • Paypal or Credit / Debit Card

Cheque payments are no longer accepted as of March 2018.

— Receipts issued for all transactions

Can I bring my own music playlist?

YES! For private training sessions, or semi-private training sessions you can bring your own playlist on your phone, ipod or mp3 player to play in the gym while you train! (AUX cable compatible)