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More openings for Online Clients now available.

I am again taking on a small number of new Online Clients.

All package prices for Online Training have been reduced!

This is a personalised training service so places are strictly limited.

As long as you see the payment button online, there ARE SPACES!

The payment button will be removed once spaces are filled again.


3D Full Body Scanning!

New 3D Body Scanning Consultations coming to PKV Personal Training. Precisely monitor your measurements, body shape, body composition & more! Track your progress and monitor changes in body shape & dimensions, as well as muscle gain and body fat loss.

10 &12 Week Package Options!

Private PT Packages = Sessions available from <€32 (20% off)

Due to a large number of medium to long term clients, repeatedly coming back for more & some of whom would book two 8 week packages at once, there are now even bigger savings with 10 & 12 week package deals first introduced in early 2019!

You’ve all shown a commitment to yourselves, your work, your health & your physical goals, now I’d like to help you all continue to achieve even more with savings of up to €300 for Private Personal Training!

All offers available to all clients, new, existing, return.

10 &12 week packages available for all Private Personal Training & Semi-Private Training Clients.

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