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Online Training

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Online Training

How it works:

Online Training allows you to work with a trainer while using your own existing gym membership elsewhere, anywhere around the world! You will receive updates to your personalised gym programmes every 2 weeks, with weekly check-ins with your trainer to see how you're progressing with your food and training schedule. You will receive ongoing support throughout, with nutrition information to compliment your exercise regime and you can contact your trainer at anytime for the duration with any questions training or nutrition related. 

Between us we will decide how many days a week you can train, based on your time, starting level and goals. If you have an existing gym membership we'll make use of the equipment and facilities you have access to. If you would rather train at home that can be done too. Once we have all our information gathered, you'll receive a plan for the first 2 weeks. You will then receive an updated plan every second week as we follow your progress. I will be there to direct you, keep you motivated and check in on you regularly.

Benefits of Online Training:

  • Access to Professional advice

  • Effective, personalised plans sent directly to you

  • Freedom to train in any location

  • Freedom to train any time of day

  • Home or Gym based workout plans

  • A Professional focused on you

  • Progress check-ins

  • Goal specific Nutrition guidance

  • On-going support, guidance and accountability

  • Constant progressive updates to programming

  • Your own PT at a fraction of the cost

Online Training Purchase Options

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Online client placements are filled for the remaining weeks of 2018.

Payment Options will be available again January 2019.