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Terms & Conditions of Service

All Personal Training & Semi-Private Training Clients are required to fill in a screening form on their first visit.

By purchasing a package, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of service.


  • Scheduling Appointments: Appointments are to be scheduled directly with your trainer at days and times mutually agreed upon. Clients are encouraged to book repeat appointments where possible to secure times for the duration of their training term.

  • Payment: All Private Personal Training & Semi-Private Training Sessions and Packages are to be paid for in advance.

  • Late Arrivals: Clients are expected to arrive on time, ready to train. Late arrivals will finish at the previously scheduled time. Clients have a 5 minute window each side of the start/finish appointment time so that there is time to get changed or record body stats.

  • Training Term: The 4, 6, 8, 10 week package term starts from the date of the first scheduled session, not the purchase date, so a client can purchase a training package or gift certificate in advance. Weeks run consecutively from the start date and training sessions will not be extended into additional weeks and will be forfeited if not used within the time frame outlined, agreed and paid for.

  • Training Term Exceptions: A gap week within a package term will only be permitted without the loss of sessions, when mentioned to the trainer prior to beginning a package term. Absence without prior notice, or late notice will result in sessions lost.

  • Adherence: Adherence and Consistency is crucial to progress, it is the clients responsibility to ensure they complete their training sessions as set out in their package, and complete them within the package term. If a client fails to schedule and attend any session, it will be up to the client to reschedule that session for another time within the package period or they will forfeit the session.

  • Cancellation Policy: Appointment cancellations must be done by contacting the trainer directly, allowing a minimum of 12 hours notice before the scheduled appointment. If a client fails to give adequate notice they will forfeit that training session. Appointments cancelled with at least 12 hours notice given, may be rescheduled for another time within the package term.

  • No Show Policy: If a client fails to show up for a scheduled training session, they will automatically forfeit that training session.

  • Client Health and Safety: Any changes with regard to a clients health or injuries, must be brought to the trainers attention before the next training session. The trainer has the right to cancel a training session where he/she feels the client is not fit to participate due to injury, illness or other reason where the client may be at risk.

  • Early Termination of Training Package: The trainer has the right to cut short any training package where there is potential risk to a clients health, and will return payment less the FULL value of sessions completed up to the termination date. If a client chooses to terminate any training package, they will be reimbursed less the FULL value of sessions completed up to the termination date. Less €40 for each 45 minute session, regardless of their training package.

  • Breaches of Terms & Conditions: PKV Personal Training reserves the right to refuse the renewal of training services for individuals who show repeated disregard and/or breaches to the agreed terms and conditions of service.

  • WAIVER: All clients are asked to be aware that as with all types of exercise, there is an inherent risk of heart attack, fainting, muscle or joint pain, injury or other damages. All clients agree to assume responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages which they might incur as a result of their participation. All clients agree that they, their heirs or legal representatives forever release, waive, discharge any claim and covenant not to sue for any injury, damages or death caused as a result of their participation in any physical training program.

The terms and conditions are there to protect the client from injury, to ensure fairness between trainer and client, to encourage adherence to the training package you choose, set out to complete and agree to at the beginning. To reduce loss of earnings due to rescheduling of sessions outside of agreed terms. 2018 saw >€9,600 lost as a result of appointment cancellations and overrun packages. It is required that you give a minimum 12 hours notice so there is the chance to offer the time to another client, and that you reschedule your session as soon as possible and within the package term paid for.

By purchasing any training package, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of service.